Thursday, November 1, 2012

a pirate and a fairy

Happy Halloween (belated b/c I was so tired last night)! We almost didn't go trick or treating last night b/c Parker has had a slight temperature since Tuesday afternoon. On Monday night he also said his neck hurt, but I think he meant his throat and a couple times yesterday he said his teeth hurt. Maybe he has a sinus infection??? His nose is occasionally runny - usually when we are outside playing or if he has been running around so I don't think it's b/c he is sick. He was acting fine yesterday, but he did have a 101 temp right before nap, but I gave him some Motrin and he was fever free when he woke up.

I have been wanting to dress Parker as a pirate for a couple months now b/c of his eye patch - crazy I know! But he has been somewhat resistant to the idea. At first he wanted to be a pizza (he has a slight obsession with pizza) after he saw the costume in a catalog. Then Kevin told him he (Kevin) would dress as Captain Hook if he dressed as Peter Pan. I gave Kevin an exasperated look b/c I was trying to get Parker to go as a pirate, NOT Peter Pan! He gave me a feeble "oh yeah!". Parker loved the idea of dressing up as Peter Pan and kept saying: "I be Peeh-yer Pan. Daddy be Cappin Hook. Mommy be Wendy. Sissy be Tink Bell". Then for a little while he wanted to be an apple after I jokingly said to him, next thing you know you're gonna want to be an apple. So he wanted to be a green apple for a while. Sigh! Anyway, I tried to put together a Peter Pan outfit for him - really I did. But the cost was starting to add up and I wasn't about to spend $35+ for a costume that he is going to wear once and won't even wear the hat, which totally makes the outfit! So Kevin went to Party City to see what he could find and brought home a $13 pirate costume. Parker was a little bummed when he first saw it last week and asked for Peter Pan. We told him they were all gone and he had to be a pirate. He was fine 2 seconds later.
I was going to make Avery a Tinker Bell costume (nothing fancy - just a tutu and a green tank top), but then my sister in law, Missy, told me that Lila had an old fairy costume. I asked Tiffany (other sister in law) if she still had it. We tried it on and it's a little tight around her tummy, but she'll be fine for a couple of hours. It's purple and green so she can't be Tinker Bell - just a cute little fairy. It had a couple of stains on it from being worn by 2 other little girls, but it served its purpose for 2 hours and I loved that it had built in wings b/c no way would Avery have worn wings w/ elastic around her shoulders.

We went trick or treating with our neighbors again this year. We brought the wagon and armed ourselves with a small cooler of beer and Capri Suns. We had quite a large group going. Parker was so excited to go! He got into it last year too, but this year he really couldn't wait to go. Avery did fairly well and even went up to a few doors. There were a few shrieks (from both kids) and some crying towards the end of the night but it went well overall. Both kids did face plants. Parker was running down this steep driveway and before I could yell for him to stop, his tripped over his own feet. Avery was doing her usual "I'm going to throw myself forward and see if you can catch me" deal. Um yeah, I didn't catch her. Thankfully there wasn't any bleeding. And what's a post w/o tons of pics?!?

I could not get a decent pic of both kids!

LOVE that Avery can now wear her hair in pigtails! She actually sits fairly still for me when I do it!

Avery's first time going to trick or treat all by herself!

"Trick or Treat!" She looks like such a big girl! And look at those cute wings!

Our whole was a big one this year! And we met some new neighbors!

2 houses visited and already raiding her stash...yes that golf cart is part of our crew!

crying b/c her chocolate was all gone...

"Eeeek! That scary!"

Parker all of a sudden wanted to ride in the wagon...2 minutes later I knew why: he snuck a lollipop out!

Avery and Megan from next door! She's such a sweetie!

what's wrong with this pic? Need a hint? It's hard to see, but look at what Avery's clue? It's Patrick's beer!!!
Daddy's little girl!

Avery probably thought it was Xmas, her bday, and every other holiday rolled into one b/c Mommy let her have chocolate, skittles, and a lollipop...hey, it kept the shrieking and crying at minimum!

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