Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

I worked today...BLACK Old Navy. I was a bit relieved when I was scheduled from 4 pm - 1 am. I didn't want to deal with the crazy wackos who stand in line for over 4 hours to shop at midnight and trample over people who get in their way. Then I realized I would have to close the store and "recover". Recover basically means folding/hanging clothes in the right spot. The store would be upside down!

I got to work and saw this! This was nothing compared to some of the tables I passed on my way to the back of the store! What drove me nuts is that people would grab a shirt, walk literally 2 feet away, decide they didn't want the shirt anymore and just plop it down on the nearest surface instead of walking 2 feet back to put it away! GAH!  

I "recovered" (no worries, I fixed the sweaters on the bottom shelf too) and as I was "recovering" the $4 long sleeves in the back, a crazy man started picking up random sweaters to see if he liked it and would just plop it back down all crumpled. Hello, the stripes are gonna look the same at the bottom than they do at the top! I may or may not have given him a horrified look.

As I took my dinner break, I looked at my cell and saw a text from Kevin w/ a pic of chicken noodle soup (all of us sickies needed some comforting soup) and asking if I wanted him to bring me some. It was 1 hour before I went on break. I called him and said no worries about the soup since I had eaten a quick bite already, but if Parker was still awake, can they come up b/c I barely saw this sweet boy all day b/c we were out running errands before work and he was napping when we got home and was still asleep when I left for work. Parker was excited b/c he had been asking to come to "Mommy works". He said hi to my co-workers, danced and played with a little girl, and fell in love with an army jeep (Old Navy always has nifty little items by the checkout line and something always catches Parker's eye). I told him he didn't have his coins so he couldn't buy it. His reply: "Oh man! I want gween jeep!". That reply made me think of a big boy - not my little baby! They stayed for over 30 minutes so I got my cuddles and kisses and Parker told me: "I wuv you. Miss you!". That boy broke my heart and I almost just went home with them!

By the way, getting that Lightning McQueen thingie that snapped onto his Crocs that I mentioned here has been fantastic! When we got home I started to think that maybe we should have maybe gotten Thomas (the Train) to put on the left shoe. But the next day as he tried to put his shoes on the wrong feet, a BRILLIANT idea popped in my head: I told him that McQueen goes on this foot and tapped his right foot. He seems to have remembered this since he hasn't put his shoes on the wrong feet that I know of since then. Now if I can just get him to remember that the little pocket/window on his undies goes in the front then we'd be golden! 

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