Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

I don't like discussing politics bc:
1) it doesn't really interest me
2) it always seems to bring out the ugly side in people
3) people get a little crazy trying to make you see their point of view. I just want to roll my eyes as they blab away...just sayin'
4) people get even crazier and even attack you if you even share a tidbit of your point of view that they don't agree with

I'm 32 and have never voted. I don't say that like I'm proud of it - it's just the truth. My mom lectures me each election about voting - of course she tries to sway me to vote for her candidate. I don't vote bc I haven't I haven't taken the time to get to know what each candidate is about and stands for. And bc I don't vote I don't complain about our government or our economy. People may have their opinions regarding not educating myself about politics and each candidate's platform and how it's my right to vote, but it is what it is.

BUT hell hath frozen over, folks, bc tonight I WILL vote! I stayed up late last night and learned a bit about the candidates and what they believe in and what they say they will do (supposedly anyway). I still won't discuss politics and who I voted for - even with the hubby, but I will be at the polls tonight!

To lighten up this crazy (stressful and nerve wracking for those who are super political) day, I'm adding a pic of my big boy! He had an "I voted sticker" (fake of course) on when I picked him up from school. Mrs. B told me that they had pretend elections in class. Wonder who Parker voted for?!?

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