Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm that mom...

I'm that mom who finally fell asleep around 3 am b/c I have self diagnosed insomnia. I'm that mom who woke up 4:30, 4:40, 4:45 b/c her 3 year old was cold, then hot, then had to pee. I'm that mom who woke at 6:45 b/c her 3 year old doesn't understand day light savings time. I'm that mom who doesn't check the weather, walks out the door with kids dressed for summer and Florida freaky weather is actually cool and have to race back in the house and grab sweatshirts. I'm that mom who goes to a somewhat upscale mall with 2 young kids for a play date in the big playground with hopes for some adult conversation with friends. I'm that mom who chased my 18 month old no less than 7x out of the Disney Store (that DS sure knew what they were doing when they rented the space right in front of the playground!). I'm that mom whose daughter ate half chewed then spit out her chicken nuggets. I'm that mom who nearly mowed you over with my stroller as I chased my 3 year old down the mall! I'm that mom pushing a stroller with an 18 month old in it, sweatshirts stuffed in the canopy, once organized diaper bag has been torn apart and now overflowing out of the basket, and a 3 year old screaming shrieking w/ huge tears pouring down his face, snot flowing out of his nose, feet stomping and arms flying. I'm that mom whose shrieking 3 year old caused a flock of pigeons to fly away in the parking garage in a flurry of dust and feathers. I'm that mom whose 3 year old continued to throw a tantrum for 30 minutes in the car while stuck in crazy traffic. I'm that mom whose 18 month old took a 20 minute nap in the car despite her screaming brother and now refuses to nap. I'm that mom who needs a big glass of wine or a heavily padded room.

I'm that mom who whips out her cell phone to take pics despite the chaos...

Parker and Miss C - she says that Parker is her boyfriend. Parker is still in denial. They don't know it yet, but Cammie and I have already arranged their marriage. lol

Cammie bought the kids a special treat - not sure why Parker got one. Crazy kiddo!

Avery scarfed her half of a Snickerdoodle (she split one w/ Mr B - Miss C's younger brother)...or so I thought. I found a couple chunks of half chewed cookie smeared on her lap and stroller. 

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