Sunday, November 11, 2012

Old school yogurt

In the midst of this fro yo craze (and I love me some Pinkberry just like the next person!), I just fell in love with old school regular yogurt. Well Greek yogurt. I've bought regular Greek vanilla yogurt before and topped it with homemade granola (reminds me to make more...), but I've never been a fruit in the bottom of yogurt kind of person. In fact, I don't even like yogurt! I think it's just the taste - I'm not a fan of that tangy after taste that yogurt has. The only time I really ate it was when I was pregnant and trying to get as much calcium as possible and even then I ate the Yoplait Whips and it was like eating strawberry whipped cream (YUM!). Or I'd get vanilla that came with bits of candy or cookie topping (I think Breyer's makes them). Healthy I know! The yogurt and granola thing lasted about 2 weeks.

But ya'll I went to Costco and they were giving away samples of Chobani Greek yogurt with pineapple at the bottom! I about died and gone to heaven in the middle of the aisle between the yogurt and the frozen entrees. I bought a box of 15 cups for about $14 (at least I think that was the that a good price?).

I tasted the black cherry when I got home and it was delicious! I can't wait to try the blood orange...maybe for dessert tonight??? Bonus is that both kids LOVED it! I called it special yogurt since both kids normally just drink the drinkable yogurt. Parker asked for more "special treat"! If he thinks that yogurt that is packed with protein (more than regular yogurt) is a special treat then that's great!

Parker had some black cherry yogurt too and he was a hot mess! lol 


  1. Dan LOVES Greek yogurt! He does the granola on it too...but he will a lot of the time I buy the big container of plain (cheaper) and add honey with granola and that is his favorite! To change it up he just adds preserves to the plain :) But $14 for 15 is a good deal...usually on sale you can sometimes find them for $1 each!

  2. You'll have to tell him to try Chobani! I had the pineapple this morning. Kevin wasn't a fan, but I had to refrain from licking the cup! lol


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