Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas gifts

Around October, I start making a list of things I think the kids would want for Christmas. And something new this year...Parker has started to ask for things he wants. When did my little boy grow up??? We aren't doing much for the kids this year since we are down to basically 1 income, but still want a few presents for them to open. Besides, they're still little and they will be getting other presents from relatives.

Oh and one thing I'm going to start doing this year is NOT wrapping Santa's gifts. I read this somewhere and thought it was a great idea so you don't have to buy different wrapping paper b/c you're kid is wondering how Santa could possibly have gotten the same exact wrapping paper as you. My kids are still too young to notice this (I think Parker's still too young, but he surprises me with the things that come out of his mouth on a daily basis), but I do have a niece who notices this kind of stuff and my sister in law told me last year that she has to buy different paper every year. GAH!!! No thank you!

Below is my list of gifts for the kids. Most of them I've already bought (GASP!!! Yes, I actually started my Christmas shopping before December!) and are hidden from prying eyes. I've caught Parker looking up at my closet shelves since he spied a Thomas the Train box up there back in September for his bday - great job "hiding" it, Daddy! lol

1) He has been asking for "Mack" (from Cars2) for a couple of months now...ever since he went over to his cousin's house and saw that he had a small Mack die cast car (which I cannot find anywhere!). I figured we'd get him a big one that can also house his other Cars cars so that they're not just being thrown into random baskets and totes. This will be a gift "from" Avery. I bought it about a week or so ago when it went on sale at Toys R Us - it was $35, now $25!
2) Christmas pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve and to be worn that night. I used to call Parker my little monkey when he was a baby (I still call him my crazy monkey) so this was the perfect pj for him! Old Navy had it on sale for $11 and I used my discount.

3) Undies - I know...I really feel like a mom with this gift! But the kid is starting to outgrow some of his 2T/3T undies and I thought I might as well buy him some for Xmas. I've been looking for boxer briefs for over a month now and I CANNOT find them anywhere! Parker has a handful of them right now and they are so much easier for him to put on than regular briefs b/c they don't bunch up and give him wedgies. I did a happy dance in the middle of Old Navy last week when I saw these. They were $12.94 and also used my discount. 

4) growth chart - I 'm planning on making my own. I made one for my best friend, Lauren's, daughter b/c I couldn't find any that started at 1'. Everything started at 2'...and let's face it, unless you and your hubby are a giant, you more than likely did not give birth to a baby that was 24". I wanted the growth chart to document his length at birth too (20.25")! I think his will have a train theme. I have an idea of how I want it to look, but we'll see if it actually works out! 

5) stocking stuffer: more Cars2 cars, Thomas & Friends trains, and scissors (weird I know, but he had fun using a pair last week at a speech assessment - more on this later). I still need to buy this.

6) Santa's gift: He has been asking for this EVERY single day...MULTIPLE times a day...a "big black train" - the kind that you put under the Christmas tree. At first I was just going to buy the train and then put it under the tree for the whole month of December, but figured Parker would get a lot more enjoyment out of it if he gets it for Christmas. Besides, every time he asks for the "big bwack trays" I tell him that he needs to be a good boy and we can write a letter to Santa asking for it. Call it bribery, call it bad parenting, but it usually stops whatever bad behavior is happening. If you read my post the other day then you know that we saw Santa at the mall. Tonight, I actually heard the following from Parker who was sitting on the floor with his toy magazine open with of course the page showing big black train and his sister's pink phone held to his ear:
     Parker: "Santa, you hear me? I want big bwack trays!"
     Parker: "Ok, Santa. I get big bwack trays. Bye!"

I actually need to find him a train...the one in the magazine is $150 and I'm NOT paying that much money for a train for a 3 year old who may chuck it across the room in the midst of a tantrum or an 18 month old who will come and grab it and run off with it, only to throw it across the room if her brother chases after her. Kevin said he saw one at Publix for $50 for the larger set and a smaller one for less money. But really, Publix??? I'll have to go check it out. 

Avery: It was pretty hard trying to figure out what to get Avery. Her vocabulary is limited and she doesn't really NEED anything, but I guess Christmas is about getting fun stuff.
1) Cabbage Patch Doll - I saw this at Costco for $20 while I was just browsing around. I can't remember if I bought this exact one or not - there was quite a few different ones to choose from. This was the one that was closest to me so I took a pic to send to Kevin to see what he thought. But it might have been since she kinda looks like Avery. It is currently "hiding" on the top shelf of our closet - Parker has seen the back of the box, but since it doesn't show a car or a train, he's not interested. Anyway, I thought she'd like it b/c it's soft and has a "bee pee" (binkie) like her. Plus she's soft and cuddly, not like the PBK doll we got her last year that is more structured. She also got 2 small dolls last year, but I wanted to get her a bigger doll. This will be a gift from Parker. 

2) Christmas pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve and worn that night. This matches Parker's monkey pj. I call Avery my little bunny, but once in a while I call her a crazy monkey too b/c...well she's wild and crazy. Bought at Old Navy, on sale for $11 and used my discount. I also bought a thick pair of fleece footsie pj from Costco for $8. It's super cute - it has owls all over it! Don't have a picture of it and it's "hidden". 

3) Undies - We I'm probably going to start potty training around March or April of next year. Avery is showing some signs of reediness now and telling me "poo poo" AFTER she poops. Once in a while she will also ask to sit on the potty, but she won't do anything. We usually have her sit on the potty before bath, but she really wants to sit down b/c she sees Parker going potty before he climbs in the tub. I'm not rushing her at all - she just turned 18 months. Parker didn't start training until he was 31 months old, but we bought him undies months earlier and just got him familiar with them. Bought these at Old Navy for $12.94 and used my discount.

4) growth chart - making Avery one too

5) stocking stuffer: baby doll bottles - the kind that "disappear" when you tilt it towards the doll's mouth. I got a package of 2 from Toys R Us for $5-6. I'm also going to buy her some bows that come in patching pairs since her hair can FINALLY go in pigtails. Although, most bows I see only come in singles. HELP?!? Where should I go look?

6) Santa's gift: Radio Flyer Girl's Classic 10" Trike. Target had it on sale for $39. I get free shipping and 5% off since I have a Redcard debit card. With tax, it was still under $40. 

It will be nice to finish Parker and Avery's I must figure out what to get our nieces and nephews!!! 

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