Monday, November 12, 2012

Family time and mean mommy

We decided to keep it low key today and just went to the mall to let the kids play in the playground. Yes, it's the same mall we went to last week when the craziness/epic meltdown happened. Kevin wasn't sure he wanted to go to the mall b/c it was 11 am by the time we were heading out the door and nap time is around 2 pm. If the kids are in the car between 12 - 2, it's almost guaranteed that 1 if not both will fall asleep, which will likely mean they won't nap when we get home. If the nap in the car is of any length (at least 1 hour) then it would be fine, but the car ride home is about 25 minutes, maybe a little more if there's traffic. My kids NEED to take longer naps. Mommy NEEDS them to take a longer nap!

But today, I had reinforcements and was ready to tackle the world mall! We even braved going to California Pizza Kitchen for some lunch! Both kids were so well behaved...I kept suspiciously looking at them and just waiting for either or both to start flipping out. Avery did let out a few shrieks, but we were saved by her chicken finger and broccoli meal arriving. Parker was amazing - he colored and drew for a long time. This activity usually only lasts about 5 minutes. He asked for my phone once (to watch Disney Jr App) and I reminded him that he broke Daddy's phone when we were at Sea World so he is not allowed to use our phones anymore. He let out a pathetic little "Ohhh!", but kept on coloring.

Parker and Daddy drawing squiggles trains. 

Avery and me in our hot pink tank tops - you can't see it, but we both had on plaid shorts. No we did not plan on all of us dressing like our kids. Kevin dressed Avery and I dressed Parker.

The kids played at the playground and there was a moment of sheer panic when I heard shrieking...and because he's mine, I knew instantly it was Parker! I turned over to where I saw him last (I literally looked away for 2 seconds to itch my leg) and he's on his hands and knees (what?!? he was just standing!). I ran to him and as I trample over dodge little kids to get to him, he gets up and is hobbling on his left foot. I think: "Sh*t!!! He broke something!". I scoop him up and bring him over to my bench and ask him what hurts. He grabbed his left foot and said his toes hurt. Now I was confused b/c I thought it was his right foot that was hurting b/c he had it lifted up. But who am I to argue when he's yelling his toes hurt?!? I asked him to wiggle his toes and he couldn't . HEART DROPPED! But I told myself to calm down and examined his toes - no swelling. Call me a MEAN MOMMY...I gave all ten toes a little tweak. He squealed and cried out, but it wasn't a "my toes are broken and you just squeezed them kind of cry. It was more like I stubbed my toes kind of squeal. MEAN MOMMY set him down and told him to run and play. Then my heart dropped again when he wouldn't put pressure on his left toes and was hobbling around trying to walk. As I was about to get up and pick him up, he took off running like nothing happened. WHEW!

We also visited the Disney Store b/c there's just no avoiding it when it's right in front of the darn playground. To Avery's credit, I think she only tried to make a run for the store 5x. That's 2 less than last Wednesday's escapes! It's gotta be a record! Daddy did the honors of running after her. Parker visited his beloved Cars section and Avery colored a princess coloring sheet then we left after about 15 minutes...without any tantrums. Que: heavens opening and angels singing! 

We walked around for a bit afterwards and saw that Santa was already at the mall. Parker wanted to see him so I took him around the side where we got a great view of him (MEAN MOMMY wasn't about to pay an arm and a leg for pics!). Parker was mesmerized by Santa. He leans over and whispers to me: "I want black train!". I laughed! He has been asking for "black train" for a couple of weeks now ever since he saw it in a toy magazine. He has carried this magazine everywhere: to bed, to my bed, to the bathroom, to Avery's room, to the dining table, on the couch, EVERYWHERE! Every time he asks for it, I tell him: "You need to be a good boy, no more tantrums, yelling, and crying. Then I can help you  write Santa a letter and you can ask for it." So I reminded him of behaving and writing Santa a letter. But I'm not paying $150 for a stinkin' train (MEAN MOMMY)!!! So ya'll let me know if you find a cheaper set (the kind that goes under the Xmas tree) somewhere! It's gotta be black!!!

So after that we made a stop at the bathroom b/c little boy downed his chocolate milk and I don't want any accidents in the car seat and left to go home. As we were walking through Nordstrom's, Parker and I had the following convo:
Parker: "Mommy, where Santa house?"
Me: "In the North Pole."
Parker: "No Mommy, Santa house in mall!"
Me: "Ok, buddy." (I tried not to sound exasperated b/c if he knew the answer, why ask?!? I know he asks questions just to get the answer confirmed and then tells you off if you get it wrong.)
Parker: "Mommy, where Santa at?"
Me: "Over at his house. Remember near where we went potty?"
Parker: "Mommy, Santa goes pee pee too?"
Me: "Yes Parker, I'm sure Santa goes pee pee too." 
And a couple older women overheard the tail end of our convo and started laughing...yep ladies, my little man is HILARIOUS! 

Avery was falling asleep so I moved to the back of the truck and kept tweaking her nose to wake her up. Laughing means she's not sleeping. MEAN MOMMY?!?

While I was busy trying to keep his sister awake, this little guy all of a sudden fell asleep! I threatened to take away his Mack (from CARS 2) gidget (or widget - whatever it's called that kids stick on their Crocs) on his new Crocs if he doesn't wake up and then would tickle his foot. MEAN MOMMY?!? Maybe...probably...

Avery getting mad that I kept grabbing her hand, waving it around trying to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to try and wake her up. MEAN MOMMY?!?

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