Thursday, November 15, 2012

who stole my measuring spoons?!?

Seriously...who stole my measuring spoons??? My kitchen utensil drawer is a hot mess, but while making last night's dinner I actually decided to measure some ingredients and could not find my measuring spoons! There's a measuring spoon thief out there...

Anyway, after a crazy morning of running around, I'm sitting on the couch while the kids nap, eating lunch and watching Everyday Italian (with Giada de Laurentis). LOVE her shows! Anyway, she was measuring some stuff and used this ceramic measuring spoon. I have always liked these spoons, but never even thought about buying them. Well folks, now that a thief has stolen my measuring spoons (I swear I did not lose them on purpose!) I decided to Google "ceramic measuring spoons" and Giada's spoons came up. They are $11 - a bit expensive, but so adorable!!!! Well then I decided to look for "other" ceramic spoons and found these that I REALLY want!!!!,default,pd.html?cgid=housewarming $10 at Pier 1 Imports...and guess what...they have matching ceramic measuring cups. So now I want measuring cups too. I think we are missing some cups anyway b/c we used a couple for Bailey's dog food - so now my cousin has those cups along with Bailey. Give me back my cups, Ryan! lol

Kevin had just asked me the other day if we were exchanging Christmas gifts this year. We typically just do something small for each other since we have so many to buy for, but this year I decided to forgo presents. But I REALLY want I'm tempted to tell him we will exchange presents after all and tell him I want only these and nothing else (demanding aren't I?!?). 

I must resist.......but I do NEED them...well at least the measuring spoons. Ok so I don't need these specific ones. I could just get a cheap plastic set, but these are so cute. Maybe I'll start cooking more if I have these spoons and cups. And maybe my food will turn out better b/c I'll start measuring more instead of eyeballing things. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Maybe I should write Santa a letter too or better yet, grab Avery's pink phone and give him a call like Parker did last night. lol

I must resist! I must resist! I must resist! I've got lots of nieces and nephews to buy Christmas presents for...

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